disinfecting a living space

Disinfectant Service

Sparkle & Shine Cleaning by Shelly provides a disinfectant service for homes and businesses. We recommend this service after parties or other events that include large numbers of people so you can relax in a nice, clean home. 

Our team works hard to clean away dirt and germs so you can enjoy a clean and hygienic space. We wipe down high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, tables, and light switches to kill bacteria and viruses. After we tackle those areas, we can move on to cleaning other areas as well, like the floor. During the disinfection process, we’ll also remove any visible dirt so you can feel confident in the cleanliness of your building.

Any business with a lot of foot traffic should invest in office cleaning services. Creating a clean environment is essential for employee morale and productivity. It also shows clients and other visitors that your company is professional and values public health.

We do commercial cleaning for retail stores as well. Our disinfectant service is perfect for bathrooms, store displays, and more. Keeping customers safe is a major concern, which is why we use professional-grade cleaning products and equipment. 

We’re the best cleaning company in Owatonna, MN, and we take pride in offering serious cleaning at an affordable rate.